Photo mosaic


The Classic Mosaic type is the the simplest photo mosaic variation. Here, the tiles are arranged next to and above one another, and all the tiles have the same format. One of the following formats can be chosen:

The number of tiles in the photo mosaic picture can be chosen as well as the individual tile size. The more tiles the photo mosaic pictures has, and the smaller the tiles are, the better the photos 'melt' together to form the final picture.

Before the creation of the photo mosaic picture, Foto-Mosaik-Edda shows how large the tiles will be in the printout. This means minimal trial- and- error testing is necessary to find the optimal solution.


These photo mosaic pictures have been generated using Foto-Mosaik-Edda. The photos were taken from in October 2008 and can be found in the Creative-Common-License 2.0. The source information for the current photos can be downloaded.

Size : 19 MegaPixel
Tiles : ca. 2000
Source : download