Photo mosaic


The Parquet Styple is like the pattern of a parquet floor, and it allows tiles with landscape and portrait format to be used together. This way, your photos with both formats can appear together in the photo mosaic without any photos having to be cropped.

In order get the optimal use from your photo collection, there are different parquet patterns at your disposal. Your can decide in which ratio landscape and portrait pictures should be included. The basic pattern is always an "L" shape in which...

  • ... a portrait format tile and one or more landscape format tiles are used (picture below first row). For when your photo collection is predominantly landscape format photos.
  • ... or a landscape format tile and one or more portrait format tiles are used (picture below second row). For when your photo collection is predominantly portrait format photos.

Portrait: 1 (50%) /
Landscape: 1 (50%)

Portrait: 1 (33%) /
Landscape: 2 (66%)

Portrait: 1 (25%) /
Landscape: 3 (75%)

Portrait: 1 (20%) /
Landscape: 4 (80%)

Portrait: 2 (66%) /
Landscape: 1 (33%)

Portrait: 3 (75%) /
Landscape: 1 (25%)

Portrait: 4 (80%) /
Landscape: 1 (20%)


These photo mosaic pictures have been generated using Foto-Mosaik-Edda. The photos were taken from in October 2008 and can be found in the Creative-Common-License 2.0. The source information for the current photos can be downloaded.

Size : 75 MegaPixel
Pattern : Portrait: 1 & Landscape: 3
Tiles : ca. 1000
Source : download

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